The Top 10 most annoying tech inventions

PCA: "In the following article, we pay homage to the inventions that almost turned us Amish. From Crazy Frog ringtones to HTC Blackberries, these are the tech trends we love to hate."

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csimpson2658d ago

Crazy Frog is the Antichrist.

Speed-Racer2658d ago

Author has some serious issues with life. Alarm clock? How do you expect to wake up otherwise?

mindedone2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Do they still have pop-ups?

Edit: maybe I'm thinking a little too much into this, but why is it that a creature that clearly looks like something other than mammalian, has a belly button?

-MD-2657d ago

Twitter is pretty stupid and I don't understand why it's so popular. It's only useful if you're popular/famous. I see people with like 10 followers that tweet like every 10 seconds as if someone is actually reading/caring about what they write.

Alarm clocks can die too.