Android Emulator PSX4Droid Now Free, Download Within

NextGenRetro: A few days ago Google pulled ZodTTD’s PSX emulator from the Android market. There has been all sorts of discussion about the reasons why, but either way ZodTTD is now offering the app for free.

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KingPin2660d ago

does anyone know if this comes with the bios file?

i had this emulator before. loved it. ran out of space on my phone so i removed it. man was that a mistake. thanx ZodTTD, dont stop supporting this amazing lil piece of software. Saves me from having to upgrade from my htc to the Sony Play.

shanesgc2660d ago

Aren't bios illegal to distribute? Don't think it was in there. It's not going to run as well as PSX on the Play though. Not even close.

fatstarr2659d ago

what are you talkin about.
it ran fine on my galaxy
and the bios is on the marketplace. thats where i got it from

xDaRkModEx2659d ago

I'm pretty sure bios is not illegal to obtain if you own the console.

silvacrest2659d ago

just to let you guy no, the fpse runs far better