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Panasonic soon to release 100GB BDXL Rewritable Blu-ray Disc

Panasonic has announced that it will release a 100GB rewritable single-sided three-layer Blu-ray disc, that will be compatible with the Rewritable Format Blu-ray Disc burners, on the 15th of April 2011 in Japan.

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RonyDean2657d ago

Just what I need for all my hi-def blu-ray downloads that I have... Do we really need 100gb blu-rays?

dkgshiz2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

This is good for games. Some games nearly broke the 50gb mark already. MGS4 for example was like 48gb or something? I know it was close to 50gb. Plus with 100gb blu-ray disks that means amazing uncompressed audio and uncompressed everything. Which means better quality.

Thecraft19892656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

wrong I'm going to get millions of disagrees for this but as much as love metal gear sold and kojima. He lied about it nearly filling a blu ray he was nearly 20gigs of as it was 30.9 gigs according to my blu ray drive.

FF13 is biggest game GOW coming just in second place depending on region by megabytes both games being 40gbs+.

GodsHand2656d ago


That's too much for me, even if it's portable. I think I will stick with a external HDD instead, and it can hold more for less.

The only advantage I see is like dkgshiz said, it could help of on the gaming side of things, atleast for PS3 users, and maybe for movies that have more then one film, such as the Alien franchise. But as for a standard consumer product I don't see it really going anywhere. But hey atleast it could curb pirated HD movies, with that price.

_Q_2656d ago

I've actually been puzzled by this. Why arent there multimovie BDs? There is obviously enough space... meh...

snake-OO2655d ago

these disks wont work on a ps3.

norman292656d ago

Didnt have enough space on a standard bluray for MGS4 huh Hideo Kojima? well here take one of these and show us what you can do with MGS5 ;)

Tommykrem2656d ago

I don't think we'll see PS3 running games on these types of discs in the first place. Maybe down the road, but I doubt it.
1) Disc is expensive to make, and while it is likely to become a lot cheaper as time goes by(and an unrewritable version should be even cheaper) it will probably not convince developers to use this rather than say to 50GB BD discs
2) Very few games hit 50gb
3) As of now PS3 probably doesn't fully support it, but that could be patched

I think these three will add up to it not being deployed, but for once it would be great to be proven wrong.

a_bro2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

despite its expense, its good news for Blu-ray, since it looks like its compatible to all BD drives, which when it comes to Video Games, there wont have to be a new format to make them on, since it the Discs are future proof, which is what we see here.

By the time we hit the next-generation of consoles, this will be cheap to manufacture.

GillHarrison2655d ago

BDXL is not compatible with existing Blu-Ray players. Games will not utilize this type of disc.