Insiders blame Microsoft mobile failure on Windows 'cartel'

Electronista: An investigation into Microsoft's high-profile mobile failures has blamed much of the company's poor market share on an endemic culture that resists anything not part of Windows. CEO Steve Ballmer is said to be over-proud and overprotective of the Windows legacy he inherited from Bill Gates. The company's Windows and Office teams often get first say over anything, Forbes was told, and were likened earlier by James Whittaker to a Mafia that killed Courier, Kin, or any project that would threaten Windows' internal hegemony.

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RememberThe3572632d ago

Well to be fair Windows brings in the cheddar. It's probably better that all those other projects failed because even though it isn't great Windows Phone 7 seems to be better (and have more potential) than all of those.

Captain Tuttle2631d ago

This is probably true. It's actually impressive that the Xbox brand survived. Gates must have really been behind it.

ngecenk2631d ago

ms should be very carefull about this. average end user consumer is starting to move to mobile, while corporate consumer is starting to move to linux or even worse, (cross platform) cloud solution.

they shouldnt let windows hold their creativity. both apple and google are smart enough not to fight ms in desktop os, instead they create a new trend: mobile computing.

Captain Tuttle2630d ago

98% of businesses are WAY too conservative to move to Linux. That'll never happen. Apple's a bigger threat in the home market, a much bigger one than Linux in the office.

mcstorm2631d ago

MS will be fine in the Phone Business WP7 IMO is the best phone OS on the market but it is only youg but in the next 3 years it will be up there battleing Apple and Google. Nokia would not of signed up to WP7 if they did not think they could make money out of it and Nokia are know for making solid hardware but the software is not very good so a stable OS and phone should work out for both of them.

The industry is changing again with smart phones and Tablets and it is all turning to the cloud and both Android and WP7 are in a better state to the change than the IPhone but we will see in the next 3 years or so what happnes.