Why Mobile OS Market Share Actually Matters

GYGG: "Its been an ongoing war between all mobile OS platforms. Some competitors gaining much luck, some not so much and others that seem to be content with where they are. However, no other war is more prevalent then the Android-Apple OS wars. In the world of moble OS, for a long time running, mobile OS marketshare has been used as a catalist in serving as a means to measure which smartphone OS is “winning“."

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Speed-Racer2659d ago

In my opinion, Advertiser intermediaries should also be working on developing non-JS scripts that work on mobile platforms (e.g what AdMob does). The mobile market is quickly growing and web site owners could be losing valuable dollars and cents even with higher incoming traffic.

Strongfist362659d ago

Sorry Racer, my knowledgeable does not extend that far. Care to expound?

Speed-Racer2659d ago

Well the biggest problem with mobile phones is obviously the loading time. Even one superfast Wifi networks, browsers don't load data as near as fast as on a PC, even on the iphone, androids and what not. Anyway, so basically web designers need to strip out as much of the heavy stuff as possible, so you'd want to get rid of javascript which is one of the biggest problems. The problem is JS is used most in the ad industry to track hits and views, so something new needs to be done.

_Q_2658d ago

Who knows maybe this is one of those big ideas K Rose and co. could be cooking up. I agree new platforms need to be forged not augment an older flawed system. I be JavaScript as it stand is filled with bloated code that can probably be cleaned up for modern sake.