Sony and Brought Down By Anon Attack, More to Follow

After claiming that Sony’s lawsuit against George Hotz et al was an attack on free speech, hacking collective Anonymous declared war on Sony. Hoping to seek revenge on the company, Anonymous warned that Sony would soon suffer for their actions. Now, and has fallen to the hackers, with more sites promised to follow.


More serious attacks were later held by the group: http://playstationlifestyle...

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Speed-Racer2665d ago

But I disagree with Hotz's stance on the situation though. It's not like he is keeping his hacks to himself, he is killing the whole system by distributing the files, to make games into pirated form. :/

doctorstrange2665d ago

He could have hacked it, kept it to himself and we'd all be happy

Speed-Racer2665d ago

Exactly. I could understand the iPhone hacks...because Steve is just too money hungry and limited the iphones to too few networks, but the PS3 has a wide range of content at decent prices and a good online network. Why spoil that? As a PC fan, I know how piracy spoils a good game....

doctorstrange2665d ago

Unlike most companies/brands Sony haven't made billions off their product, in fact they lost money making a fantastic device.
They've been relatively kind to consumers, so this just seems cruel.

thinking2664d ago

this type of behaviour is sickening.

_Q_2664d ago

Crazy to see this impacting my daily gaming the store was down around 10pm yesterday. I hope they finish soon. BTW does anyone think we should remove our CC info from the network? Have they let anyone know if they have gained access to customer info?