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It could be worse: data caps around the world

Ars Technica: "Here at Ars we spend a lot of time writing about data caps—those ceilings on how much broadband data you can use before your ISP taps you on the shoulder and tells you it's time to pay more. Depending on where you live, these can range from "inconvenient" to "ruinous." For instance, consider the Middle East's Kingdom of Bahrain."

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Speed-Racer2666d ago

To hell with that. I already have crappy DSL...dont need any caps making my situation worse

Syko2666d ago

I went from being happy with my Cable internet, to miserable with crappy DSL (1.5Mbps) to getting a blistering fast 40Mbps DSL that is the greatest thing ever.

I would be PISSED if my ISP ever Data Caps my connection as I DL A LOT.