War Tech: Why Future Soldiers May Wear Master Chief Helmets

Techi: Anyone who enjoys the Halo series on XBox will probably recognize the design of these helmets. The similarities are striking, but it’s not by chance.

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mindedone2661d ago

Ok, so some artist researched a whole bunch of military technologies, and put them all in one Halo - themed helmet. All the technologies are cool; However this seems very unyielding in this form. I would think that most of this stuff would be integrated into windshields until the technology allows for more motility.

madjedi2660d ago

Sounds interesting, however actual testing sounds a handful of years away and a fully sealed helmet sounds impractical.

Maybe a new helmet reinforced with carbon nanotubes/some new light weight incredible strong fiber, and new light weight body armor.

I could see a pair of sunglasses with built in led screens and linked wirelessly to a computer. But i think the author is thinking a little to deep into halo or star wars.

You don't need a sealed suit as no one will be fighting in zero g environments ect. Or a sealed helmet.

It will have to be compatible with the army's future soldier/advanced warfighter program.