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Facebook: put up with profile-based ads or pay

Which? Conversation: Ever wondered if online advertisers can read your mind? Facebook’s instant ad targeting could certainly make it seem that way. But maybe targeted ads are a sacrifice we have to make for free online services?

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techie2611d ago

If everyone used that, Facebook wouldn't be free.

Speed-Racer2611d ago

lol true, but Ive seen some really freaky stuff in my ads, so I decided to hide them :P

Speed-Racer2611d ago

I got a hooker ad a couple of times... disguised as 'personal escorts' and so on.. also got one about a psychic who told me i was going to die if i didnt subscribe to her service -.- lol

JasonBloodbourne2610d ago

yeah firefox and adblock ftw! facebook can do one with there bullshit ads!