12 Ways Consoles Are Hurting PC Gaming

It's happened to everyone at one point or another. You're playing your favorite FPS and minding your own business when your character finally succumbs to that pesky stream of bullets that's been bouncing off his face for the past two minutes. “Aw man,” you say aloud while a big, ominous Game Over screen stares you down. “Well, at least I can jump right back in and...” But you can't. Suddenly, you're 30 minutes away from where you kicked the bucket – your previous progress rotting at the bottom of some virtual wastebasket. “Well, at least I can vary up my tactics and see the game from a different angle this time.” Nope. So many invisible walls that you may as well be a mime. “Well, at least I can--” Nuh-uh. Can't do that either. So you pause to take a breather, but they immediately start suffocating you. Games For Windows logos. Everywhere. And then you wake up drenched in a cold sweat, safe in your own bed and free of the nightmare's cruel clutches. “It was just a dream, “ you mumble before dozing off again.

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undercovrr2664d ago

Console gaming is the future. With the exception of graphics, i'm pretty sure most people nowadays prefer to play on their couch watching their big screen tv rather than sitting uncomfortably at a desk.

Gawdl3y2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I strongly disagree. Sounds like you need a better chair for your desk.
Besides, you can hook up your PC to a TV, but a TV is lower resolution than a monitor anyways.

Also, PCs have community-run dedicated servers and mod support, which extends the re-playability of games by about 600x.

Shinuz2664d ago

almost all hdtv are 1920x1080 nowadays

undercovrr2664d ago

I'd rather have my console exclusive games (which lately have been much better than pc exclusives) rather than dedicated servers or mod support.

Motion2663d ago


While I wouldn't say that "most" HD tv's run at 1080P resolutions, computer monitors can go higher yet (2560 x 1600 before you get into specialized screens), though at this point its getting a bit ridiculous :)

kevnb2664d ago

its getting easier to hook up tvs to pcs every day. Wireless hdmi is right around the corner too, soon it will be built into tvs and laptops. Console gaming will die, because who is going to want to buy a machine that can only play games once the tech plateaus?

Shinuz2664d ago

hmm dude you do know that you can plug your pc to any hdtv nowadays right?
i've been pc gaming for the last 4 years now sitting on my couch ;)

undercovrr2664d ago

Have you considered the fact that my computer is not in the same room as my hd tv?

Motion2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


Sounds like a personal problem

NanoSoldier2663d ago

Don't forget that a Console is a kind of PC. According to Tech the PC will always rule. A PC is so much more than just Gaming.

Vherostar2663d ago

I agree the days of PC gaming are dying mostly because of the silly rising costs. PC games are massively dropping because of it and piracy is more rampant than ever. Thanks to cheap large TV and lush graphics for the price of an internet ready PC people choose the console over the PC. You also don't have to upgrade every couple of years to play the latest games at a nice looking spec either. The only people who have the problem with consoles nowadays are the hardcore PC gamers of old who refuse to switch to consoles.

Gawdl3y2662d ago

Tell that to Valve, they'd have to disagree. PC gaming is actually growing again, thanks to Steam mainly.

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Kaneda2664d ago

Price.. PC you need to upgrades and upgrades...

steve30x2663d ago

Once you upgrade a PC to the level that its gaming is equal to consoles then you only need to upgrade about a year after a new console is released. I say a year after because it will take a year at least for developers to get the hang of the new hardware.

kevnb2664d ago

the only real problem with pc gaming is misinformation and the lack of understanding. I can play pc games from my couch, I can play on my tv, i can even use a gamepad if I want. People go out and by a good pc/laptop for 700-1000 bucks and then go buy a console for another 300 bucks... makes no sense. I could get a gaming capable laptop with that money, and save in the long run thanks to steam and similar services. Plus having a gaming capable video card has other benefits.
Honestly its just because alot of people in north america are technology retarded, its the same reason why the 360 is outselling the ps3 despite being inferior.

Enate2664d ago

I agree with some of your points as I play PS3/PC and play my pc on my hdtv. When it comes to gaming its always about preference I love to play certain things on my PS3 and certain things on my PC. Then there are games I can only play on either or and my PS3 wins when it comes to both brackets but I still love my PC. My biggest issue with PC gaming as of late has been the lack of optimization. To many games taking more then it should to play them whether it be driver issues or laziness.

As far as the article is concerned those are the majority of those are dev choices. An the fact of that matter is games change sometimes for more of what ya like sometimes not. A game coming to console lets them think they can play the blame game but unless the devs said it themselves its just that, a blame game. The quote on quote great divide isn't that bad the point though is that there are differences and people should know them.

No mod tools well again a dev choice they could very well still give them console or not. Controls/interface, again a dev choice take it up with them console players do when the controls are not right. Interface is pretty much a personal preference but obviously some games are just better played with a controller. As for the whole cutting edge thing lets talk about that when devs learn to optimize what is out now. Cutting edge doesn't mean put out a game so high end and so unoptimized that your new found graphics cards begs for mercy.

Dumb down game is a design choose, personally I loved playing mage in DA2 on pc. Though I hated the lack of armor customization for your party members, nothing more then design choices. Delayed/glitchy ports again take it up with the devs not consoles fault.

larrym2664d ago

The general consensus is that people think you need to go and spend 5 grand on a computer, and upgrade it every 6 months. But when people buy consoles, they don't figure in the costs associated with them.

I know people aren't playing on old ass SDTVs, so you gotta go out and drop at least a grand on a decent size LCD/LED/Plasma. You want 5.1 surround sound, gotta drop another 500-1000 on a decent stereo receiver. Now ya got that, now ya gotta go buy speakers,cables, etc, to optimize your stuff.

So it adds up pretty quick playing on consoles. I look at my front room and see literally thousands of dollars spent. And I look at my PC and see maybe 2 grand max spent. With all the things I mentioned before, I do see consoles hurting the PC market. I mean, look at Crysis 2. Crysis 1 is a beast on a nice PC, and when they announced C2 coming to consoles, me and my buddies laughed cause we knew it was gonna be watered down to play on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

I'm almost at the point of being PC only and maybe one console. The ass rapeage on the DLC for both consoles is getting ridiculous. I play both KOTOR games on my PC,and there are so many mods for both, for FREE. I see a crap load of maps for Left 4 Dead 1/2, and those are free too, and so many other things to add longevity to PC games.

Enate2663d ago

I agree with you on the DLC rape it is just out of hand now.

airforcex2664d ago

I've own a GTX 260 card (by no means cutting edge) for 2 years and just now I've actually started playing more on it than on 360 or PS3. Why? 360 controller integration and a console experience. If PC gaming (as is) is so great, it would sell more. And even though I've gotten used to server pc multiplayer, nothing beats Xbox Live. Also, I own Crysis 1 and Warhead, and both are horrible. Sure, they look nice, but they're not fun at all. I do think consoles are holding back graphics. PS3 with it's crappy GPU and 360 with it's inferior CPU.

Ravenor2663d ago

The stupidity housed inside of this comment is just mind boggling.

So Crysis 1 and Warhead would have been better if they were corridor shooters like CoD or Killzone? Crysis is only boring if the player playing the game is boring. You sir are boring.

Your silly Peer 2 peer hosting service for 50 dollars+ a year is a massive waste of money (Good job!) So I really fail to see how a dedicated server with no host advantage almost 99% uptime and the ability to frequent that server and integrate yourself with the community is worse.

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