Are Twitter & WordPress heading in the same direction as Tumblr?

As of now Twitter is unusable. Firstly it reported an error, then it ‘fail whaled’ for 10minutes, and now we’re back to the technical error again.

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Speed-Racer2669d ago

What a pointless article.

1) Wordpress comes in 2 forms - self installations and wordpress hosted, so a self install (running the WP software on your own server) has nothing to do with's servers, so trying to assume that many were affected is a rather irrational statement.

2) DDoS attacks are a normal part of business online. It happens. Why didn't you mention reddit, because they always seem to have server issues mainly cause amazon ECS sucks.

technologymob2669d ago

I run Wordpress, I know how it works. However, many of the large companies (including the likes of TechCrunch) use Wordpress' hosting.

And I picked two out that had appeared recently that I had seen reported, totally random.

Speed-Racer2669d ago

Yea well TC is wordpress run because good ole Arrington was too cheap to pay for an IT technician. Mashable is a self hosted WP blog... just saying. ALSO, because is down doesnt mean Wordpress VIP is down, so TC did get away unscathed.

SO in essence, you are telling us something that happens on a regular basis.

technologymob2669d ago

(I can never understand why I can't reply to the third reply in a comment-conversation)

I see what you're saying but TC's backend was down, which is WP VIP-hosted and Twitter is never normally down for around an hour (sure, it has phases of fail whaling but not normally that long).

Speed-Racer2669d ago

Reply to yourself in the 2nd level to reply to anyone on the third level. lol

fatstarr2669d ago

*off topic

how come the n4g system doesn't go down 5 more levels.
it would be cool to see inception like comments


Speed-Racer2669d ago

@ fatstarr - I remember on phpbb2 type forums, there was no limit to how many times you could quote someone without having the previous quoted boxes removed, so we used to quote quotes maybe to about 20 levels till the box became so tiny that all the content got squashed into the middle. Got banned for abuse XD