Intel Third-Generation 320 Series SSD announced; Available up to 600GB for a Starting Price of $89

Intel announced its next generation of Solid-State Drives (SSD), the 320 Series, which double the capacity of last years models to 600GB. Still, for many models, prices have dropped as much as 20 percent from last year, despite the increases in capacity (consumer prices may vary). It seems that Moore’s Law can’t be beat. The 320 series will replace Intel’s current X25-M SSDs and utilize the new 25nm NAND Flash memory process that Intel unveiled last year. The new drives are intended for laptop and desktop computers.

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techprezz2664d ago

The third-gen SSDs more than double sequential write speeds as well, up to 220 MB/s sequential writes, together with up to 270 MB/s sequential reads.

_Q_2663d ago

Wow and prices are coming down fast thank you early adopters.

xDaRkModEx2663d ago

Seems like I'm probably gonna get one of these sooner than I expected.