How fast is the Internet at Google? Mind blowing.

Google employees just get all of the perks. Rock climbing walls, gourmet meals, and their Internet connection is apparently so fast I wouldn't be surprised if they had a divine upload to a higher being.

Three employees from the Google Chrome did a Q&A on Reddit, and one user asked, curiously, how fast their connection was in Silicon Valley.

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fatstarr2637d ago


Google be my isp please. I promise to use it only for good.

outwar60102637d ago

i love how google is taking over and how their services are phenomenally good. If they were an isp they would be epic

SasanovaS19872636d ago

in 10 years time, every household will be on wifi, with speeds exceeding that of google right now...

outwar60102636d ago

10 years is a long time and google will probably get alot faster by then aswell

red2tango2636d ago

It is for sure really fast. However, Google is not a company I want to be my ISP. They have been caught and fined for sniffing info on wifi zones. They have too much control, and are the biggest Big Brother out there.

michass82637d ago

yeah, only in my dreams LOL hopefully during next decade I will get that speed in my place :)

sourav932637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Well....Japan and Korea have a national average of around 100 Mb/s and their aim for 2012/2013 was to get up to a national average of 1 Gb/s. That my folks would give you a download speed of around 70 MB/s. How's THAT for download speed?

Thecraft19892636d ago

your maths is a bit of 1 gigabits = 128 megabytes

sourav932636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Yes. 1 gigabit is 128 megabyte. But you did not account for upload speed. Both download and upload make up bandwidth. So if 70 MB is download, remaining 58 is upload. If you look at the google isp, its a 526 Mb/s speed, which should be, according to you, approx. 65 MB/s download speed. Yet the download speed achieved is only 32 MB/s. Because the remaining is upload speed.

Thecraft19892636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

oh right I was not aware it was all worked out like that.

Avery2637d ago

1000mbps connection already available in Canada :) (select neighborhoods of course)

outwar60102636d ago

im thinking of taking a plane there with all my belongings and squatting in the building lol