Apple iOS 4.3 vs Windows Phone 7

Two of the biggest companies in US, Microsoft and Apple, are well known for their rivalry and for their products. It all started with the classic confrontation between their computer OS: Microsoft Windows OS vs. MAC OS and now the time has come to analyze the confrontation on the newest pieces of technology: gadgets on Apple iOS 4.3 vs. Windows Phone 7 running devices.

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Speed-Racer2491d ago

@ OP Site Admin - do you realize your related posts section overhangs into the comments area?

AlexMyDG2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

It could have been a temporary issue, from our CDN servers. What browser do you use?

AlexMyDG2490d ago

I don't see the problem. I checked with IE 9, Opera 11, Firefox 4, Safari and Chrome.

Speed-Racer2490d ago

Cool. Fixed now. Should always dump your CDN cache on the MaxCDN end as well if you made a site design change.

Edito2490d ago

Who ever wins Android will kill it after lol...

dkgshiz2490d ago

Pretty obvious iOS 4.3 wins. So many more options.

michass82490d ago

WP7 needs some major work, but hopefully it will grow on the market and more features will be added. For me the only one and real winner is the Android OS :)and I am not the apple fan some reason lol