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Facebook for Google Chrome Extension

Facebook for Google Chrome is a unofficial browser extension for Google Chrome, which gives you a small Facebook icon in the toolbar. By clicking this icon, you can check your Facebook news feed, wall, inbox and notifications, without having to log in to the Facebook website. You can also post status updates directly from the extension.

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michass82665d ago

cool, for Facebook addicted people :)

fatstarr2665d ago

everything is facebook this facebook that. i mean how hard is it to just check the site...

michass82665d ago

lol it is for lazy people, but to be honest if I would be a Facebook maniac this extension would save me loads of time :)

fatstarr2665d ago

its just gonna crash because facebook is stable 5% of the day.

shadowon2664d ago

Haha, at least that is true for the last couple of weeks.