Amazon Launches A Cloud Based Music Player

Big news for all you Music lovers and Android fans, Amazon has just launched a cloud based music player! Starting right now, you can log into your Amazon account and start uploading your music to Amazon’s cloud.

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fatstarr2668d ago

pretty good news. this was the talk of the day.
my one concern what about music legitimacy... like how will this work if i upload 4.9 gbs of pirated music.

techniglee2668d ago

That's a good point. I read a report that iTunes music can be uploaded if it is DRM free. Although, if you pirated your music it likely doesn't have DRM. Nevertheless, you can play pirated music on just about anything, so what's the difference...

fatstarr2668d ago

you never know apple can pull a low blow card and claim that amazon doesn't respect intellectual rights / w/e nonsense they say in court in the fight against piracy. and say the evidence is there that the cloud has pirated music. then apple can claim that if they implement their service it will be piracy free because every song will have to be from the itunes store.

techniglee2667d ago

Apple is probably sitting back and taking notes. They will not try to one up Amazon, they will likely 7up Amazon!

michass82667d ago

I wouldn't broadcasting with the pirated music too much LOL