Apple Announces WWDC 2011, WIll We See The iPhone 5?

Today, Apple announced that this years World Wide Developers Conference will take place June 6th-10th at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco. This year's WWDC will spotlight Apple's iOS and Mac OSX software. For the Past few years, WWDC has been used to announce new iPhone hardware.

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michass82670d ago

Hopefully we will, as I can't wait. I would like to know is it again only a small upgrade in different chassis, or maybe something exciting and good :)

techniglee2670d ago

It'll be worth the wait. Apple seems to be having lots of production problems lately, the iPad 2 was rumored to be a better product, but they had to downscale to ship when they did.

Fatal Blow2669d ago

It's gonna be the same like how apple went from iphone 3g to 3gs it's gonna have for sure the dual-core A5 chip and probably 1gb ram or stay the same and it will have the same chassis as the iphone 4 might not have the 4in screen update but hell you never know what apple comes out with it might even be a new look

Anarki2670d ago

Will there ever be an end to the iPhone a year charade? :/ I'm amazed people buy this stuff too...

techniglee2670d ago

Just a hunch, the iPhone will be around for a long time:)

Aussiegamer2670d ago

@anarki im with you, its the same bloody thing in a different casing every year. All the little apple fanboys love it though.

Fatal Blow2669d ago

People love the iphone because of the os and its apps these two things other phones does not have or are not even as good as apples