Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color eReader to get a Software update in April

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color e-Reader will to get Software update in April that will bring advanced features like Flash Playback support with Email and an App Store features as announced by its manufacturers.

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techprezz2666d ago

According to reports, at first there will be 8 Apps and More will come to the store after April update.

fatstarr2664d ago

the android mods for the ebooks are pretty cool. thats the only reason id ever get one of these. I dont read books

Also at the ad in my face

7 inch 3G android ebook only 99.99 seems too good to be true.

michass82666d ago

cool this will open new possibilities for this e-reader.

techprezz2666d ago

Nook Color is a gr8 rival for Amazon Kindle!!

michass82666d ago

the only bad think about Nook is the battery life... While Kindle have great one - to be honest from the e-reader I would expect good battery life while color is not needed as much. but still Nook is a good device and with this update it will be nearly a tablet LOL

techprezz2666d ago

Yeah u r right lol, its nearly a tablet.!! Its a Tablet come eReader