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5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad/iPad 2

With the iPad 2′s recent release, Apple fans across the world have been camping in front outlets to pick up one of these new units, but once again they face the problem of connecting multiple devices to their devices. This is where the USB Fever 5-in-1 dongle comes in. It supports a wide range of devices in one single unit, meaning you can switch from PC data transfer to streaming a video to a television screen without having to switch connectors.

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RonyDean2616d ago

I will take two! That thing is awesome!

Speed-Racer2616d ago

lol, you have 2 ipads now?

fatstarr2615d ago

well if he upgraded from 1 to 2 like most people then yup he probbly does.

Davidmcvay2616d ago

This thing is freakin' awesome. I'll buy one as soon as I can.

michass82615d ago

great stuff, but I would add some battery to it, so it would be the external battery and connection kit in one LOL

fatstarr2615d ago

its a shame they cant made devices like this for other non iphone products.

michass82615d ago

soon they will, it take some time to copy ideas between the companies LOL

fatstarr2615d ago

even if it gets copied you will never see it on retail shelves. thats the sad part... the audience isnt big enough.