Facebook Questions launched, good for viral marketing research

Facebook has launched a proper version of their Questions app, which allows both users and Page owners to ask their peers questions about pretty much anything.

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RonyDean2613d ago

COME ON FACEBOOK! Release a search engine already!

Speed-Racer2613d ago

They might get sued for being too big lol

Techsmith2612d ago

@fatstarr LOL, we shall see.

michass82613d ago

they are in deed are the biggest possible competitor to Google :)

Speed-Racer2613d ago

But facebook uses bing as search, and bing steals from who wins here? lol

michass82612d ago

yeah, but if this grow of Facebok will sustain, who knows LOL They might start hitting other aspects of network rather than staying only with social networking :)

fatstarr2612d ago

you can only grow so fast before your bubble bursts.

fatstarr2612d ago

this is pretty funny. lol the other day a question of weather lightskin vs darkskin was better. it had like 20k votes total now its at like 150k to 100k and its good that they let you track the voting.