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Droid Incredible Receiving Gingerbread [Android 2.3] In Q2

News was dropped yesterday on that the HTC Thunderbolt will receive the Gingerbread update [Android 2.3] sometime in Q2, Most of the community and I myself want to know if the HTC Thunderbolts cousin the Droid Incredible will be getting a Android 2.3 upgrade too. Heres an email below from a HTC rep stating that the Droid Incredible will see this update too, but at the end of Q2 instead.

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Aussiegamer2673d ago

Wish we had access to phones like this, they look awesome.

DroidSmarts2673d ago

Are you talking about the Droid Incredible? I had my since such which was last May.

Aussiegamer2672d ago

Nah i meant being with Telstra sorry, should have explained myself a bit better.