Are you being permanently traced by your mobile phone?

According to the results found by Malte Spitz in a recent court case you could be being traced by your mobile phone operator. From 31st August 2009 to 28th February 2010 Deutsche Telekom had recorded his exact coordinates more than 35,000 times.

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michass82671d ago

They can even record all our calls, and all traffic on our devices... LOL

fatstarr2671d ago

i think its just common sense that the population is gullible as a whole to tell everyone exactly where they are.

its just gonna lead to problems in the end.

a double edged sword. you can vouch for your innocence or get killed by someone stalking you.

technologymob2671d ago

Sure, but I don't think they need to store the information so precisely or for every one. I can understand 'suspects' (i.e. suspected terrorists) being traced permanently but a random guy seems pointless.

People moan at Facebook and its privacy? This is a million times worse and nowhere near as much fuss will be made.

michass82671d ago

My friends mobile phone was stolen last month, he rang the carrier and they said to him that the phone was used and they have more related information about it, but they are not aloud/obligated to release this informations to the owner and even police. If he would like to get them he should have the court order... which was in long term more expensive than new phone so he gave up... They know everything about all traffic on any device in the world... In fact it is pretty scary that most people in the world carry a little spy in their pocket :)

outwar60102670d ago

that is the most messed up thing i have EVER heard is this in america? if that happened to me i would actually take that a a sign of them allowing me to terminate my contract

camargo20122666d ago

man, people has no privacy at all these days!