Wal-mart offers up to $200 off the 3DS at launch

Looks like Wal-mart is under-cutting the competition by offering a way for Nintendo 3DS hungry consumers to get up to $200 off with trade-ins.

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michass82671d ago

Great deal for nintendo fans... I love this kind of promotions.

fatstarr2671d ago

i love this everyone is putting up incentives to get over the 3D and battery woes. once people get passed that everyone will see that it is a truly awesome system.

ballsofsteel2671d ago

sorry but how can you it's an awesome system when you haven't even played it? i have no doubts that the 3D works as advertised but what about the games? i remember when the wii came out everyone went crazy but looking back now most of teh game on the wii don't really take advantage of the motions controls and they don't really add to the experience. i kinda think 3D is the same way especially on a portable

fatstarr2671d ago

Nintendo will provide the games. all the standalone some new things that would have been on the ps3/360 and some retro n64 games. nintendo wont disappoint with this one.
if you build it they will come. the games line up is pretty good and games are being lined up.

Neko_Mega2671d ago

200 off WOW, to bad the site only says 100 off.

thekidq2671d ago ShowReplies(2)
tubers2671d ago

Hope something like this would happen with NGP :)