Microsoft offers $7.5m for old internet addresses

Microsoft has offered $7.5m (£4.7m) for 666,624 IPv4 addresses previously owned by Nortel. Around 80 companies were given the opportunity to bid on the the old addresses but Microsoft’s bid was highest.

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fatstarr2672d ago

at least we are moving towards the future. when everyone has 10 internet connected devices with a family of 5 thats 50 different addresses for that household alone. or at least thats how my professor explained it.

technologymob2672d ago

I don't see many families having 10 devices each. My parents are not really that techy, my mum has a laptop and my dad has a Blackberry...

In total in our household (4 of us) we have 8 or 9 internet connected devices. And that logic is flawed, a single household would only use one IP address (at a time) as all devices would be routed through the same external gateway (thus all have the same IP address, the one of the router).

duplissi2671d ago

well cell phones do have separate ips

michass82672d ago

$11.25 (£7) per IP address is a pretty good offer for old unused one LOL

technologymob2672d ago

Similar price to a .com domain. Microsoft are probably laughing at how cheap they got them.

TABSF2671d ago

This article is somewhat blowing it out of proportion

Its not this serious, desktop, workstation on Vista and 7 plus servers on 2008 and R2 are already IPv6 compatible, many route with the latest Cisco IOS should be compatible.

Can't see it being such a big issue.
Also there is almost a unlimited amount of private addresses anyway.

The real issue is once you have ran out of public addresses you have only if my calculations are correct 65,504 for a Class C address per public address.

Class B 16,777,168 address on 1 public address and so on

Again not 100% on my calculations