iOS 4.3.1 is available – update your iDevice now

Apple has today released a minor iOS update, 4.3.1, which fixes various bugs and issues present in the recent iOS 4.3 release. Read on for full details.

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Speed-Racer2646d ago

LOL Sadly enough I had updated to 4.3 the night before on the ipod and then heard 4.3.1 came out and I was like *smh*

Davidmcvay2646d ago

I'm surprised at how fast this update came out considering the length of time there usually is between the iOS software updates.

Speed-Racer2645d ago

This one corrected minor issues, so I dont fault them for the timing of it. I did experience freezing screens and 4.3.1 has corrected it.

Davidmcvay2645d ago

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm glad they did it. My iPhone was randomly resetting on 4.3 and this seemed to have fixed it. I was just surprised at the speed.

peowpeow2645d ago

Still on 4.2.1, won't update until there's a stable untethered JB for 4.3.1

michass82645d ago

I wish other companies have the same OS upgrade speed... In most cases you have to wait ages, after release new version of the OS, until companies will apply it to their devices, if they will at all... :/ maybe it is a time to think about apple device LOL

outwar60102645d ago

see this is why im going to ditch android. It has been months since google released 2.3 but all devices do not have it. god knows when samsung release it for my galaxy s with their crappy kies