Only 9% (and falling) of US Internet users are P2P pirates

Ars Technica: "In its 2010 annual report (PDF), recorded music's global trade body said that the industry would "struggle to survive unless we address the fundamental problem of piracy." Just how "fundamental" a problem is that piracy? Not very, as new research suggests that only 9 percent of US Internet users even use peer-to-peer networks at all, down substantially from 2007.

Market research firm NPD Group, which tracks music acquisition, said today that P2P use has dropped from 16 percent of all US Internet users to 9 percent over the last three years. The latest data comes from the fourth quarter of 2010, when a federal judge shut down LimeWire; that may have depressed the numbers a bit, though NPD notes that other P2P programs saw more usage as a result."

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michass82677d ago

It is still a lot of users :)

GodsHand2676d ago

Yeap, but 91% not doing it over shawdows that 9%.

But it could be a lot more, because using P2P software is not the only way to obtain pirated sotware, music, video, etc.

Syko2677d ago

That's because P2P is for noob downloaders. lol

ChrisW2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

That and bitTorrent

Old-school "alt.bin" is where it's at!

Syko2676d ago

Ya, I <3 Usenet and the 40Mbps consistent download speed. Couldn't imagine any other way really

fatstarr2676d ago

there are vastly better ways to pirate now.

p2p is mainly blocked at a lot of places as well.

"but noted that even the pirates spent (some) money on recorded music." at least they admit it

fatstarr2676d ago

no its just changing its form from traditional ways.

michass82676d ago

there is more pressure to chase the piracy, companies suing people for huge money, so most people who isn't that familiar with web, simply afraid to download illegal content... there is just more anti-piracy campaigns... LOL

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