Hard drive search warrants: should there be any limits?

Ars Technica: "Here's the latest hot debate among Fourth Amendment scholars: when magistrate judges issue search warrants on computers, should those warrants limit where in the machine's directory system the police may look, or for how long they can scan the drive?

Professor Orin Kerr of George Washington Law School says no. Assistant Professor Paul Ohm of the University of Colorado Law School says yes.

As personal information is increasingly stored on digital devices like computers and smartphones, the issue becomes hugely important, and argument about it often relies on metaphors. In the case of the net neutrality debates, comparisons were always made to the highway system; when it comes to computer searches, it's all about the filing cabinet."

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fatstarr2677d ago

i hate this area of the law it sucks so much....
i need to encrypt and drill holes.
even though i dont have illegal data like that
if a die hard 4 moment happened to me im screwed.

any way this is a very good article and more discussion needs to be put into this.