At Microsoft, Don't Forget Your Password or Your Phone Gets Wiped

PC World: "Microsoft has famously decided to give Windows Phone 7 devices to all of its 89,000 employees, or at least those who want them.

But it's not all fun and games for Microsoft workers who connect smartphones to corporate systems, whether that's a WP7 device or something else.

"At Microsoft, we have a policy that says if you try to log in on a phone five times incorrectly, we actually wipe the phone," says Microsoft's Brad Anderson, corporate vice president for management and security. "When that phone gets wiped, it doesn't differentiate between what is corporate data and what is personal data. If that happens, the pictures you have on there could get wiped."

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michass82676d ago

Well, in fact they should remember the password anyway :), To be honest, I would love to get a brand new WP7 from my employer LOL I would definitely remember the password :)

fatstarr2675d ago

thats actually quite smart of microsoft to save corporate data.
and also the rest of the article is filled with interesting things i did not know about. Virtualization on android devices should it ever come into existence will be great.