Hot Hardware Review: Intel Core i5-2520M and The Asus K53E Notebook

Hot Hardware: "For their new generation of notebook processors, Intel decided to take the opposite approach that they took in their desktop architecture, where they launched their mid-range quad-core product first, with a promise of top-end multi-core performance to come just a bit further down their roadmap. From a mobile standpoint, the Core i7 2820QM with four cores and eight threads is a heck of a lot of computing resources to carry around in your briefcase or backpack. It could be argued that the average, mainstream mobile end user doesn't need that kind of horsepower and as long as the multimedia muscle is there to get the job done, a dual-core, four thread capable machine is usually plenty.

And now it seems, with their Sandy Bridge wrinkles firmly tucked away, Intel is continuing to flesh out their mobile offering with a new, more moderately priced dual-core CPU that brings all of their latest technologies to bear in a 2.53GHz chip called the Core i5-2520M. With Turbo Boost technology available for busts of performance on demand, this four-thread capable CPU should be a popular configuration in the midrange class of multimedia notebooks. The Asus K53E was the vehicle of choice that Intel went with for our testing and evaluation requirements here today and it's a looker."

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