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Web Browser Grand Prix 3: IE9 Enters The Race

Tom's Hardware: "With highly-anticipated Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 now available, along with recently released Google Chrome 10, superb Opera 11, newly updated Apple Safari 5.04, and rock-steady Mozilla Firefox 3.6, this is going to be quite an interesting race."

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fatstarr2678d ago

WOah woah woah

these numbers are scary.
Startups Ie9 is beating everyone now. on single and multiple tabs.
opera is now second.

Google chrome loads the slowest
and the fastest... lol

overall very good benchmarking session.

michass82678d ago

ha ha I don't think that everybody will suddenly switch back to IE (9)from Chrome or Firefox, by the way - why they use Firefox 3.6, when there is the new version available LOL

toaster2678d ago

They conveniently published the article one day before FF4 releases. lol

fatstarr2677d ago

yes i will not be swtiching back but i will do a test to see if all the hype is true.