Sprint's HTC EVO View 4G hands-on (video)

Engadget: Well, if you were keeping abreast of the happenings at Mobile World Congress, then Sprint's EVO View 4G launched today at CTIA may seem pretty familiar to the HTC Flyer you saw there. These two HTC devices are essentially the same, with just a couple of minor cosmetic differences and some UI changes shown in the video that follows. We're still not completely sure about the Scribe pen, though it certainly is an entertaining thing to play with. The Evernote app makes great use of the stylus allowing images to be scribbled on and saved, notes recorded -- with voice and your text input -- and of course everything can be shared. We're not massive humans here at Engadget, and we're happy to report that the device can still stay planted fairly comfortably in hand."

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michass82406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

pretty interesting tablet, wondering what is the price

fatstarr2406d ago

the price is probably 500 or less usd.

michass82405d ago

yeah, but here in Europe probably as usual we will pay much more like€ 500-600 this is so annoying...

Aussiegamer2405d ago

I really dont see the need for tablets. Surely a smartphone and laptop is enough.

daghost11252405d ago

yea to bad the millions of people buying ipads think otherwise