Are You Ready for Eyefinity? says: "You are going to get the benefit of all my headaches, and there were many, to consider before you make your decision. This review of AMD’s Eyefinity feature is here to guide through my nightmares, with setting up, configuring, and updating my 3x monitor Eyefinity display."

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michass82678d ago

wow that must be the great gaming experience :) what is the total cost of setting up this 'gaming machine' :)

TheGamingExperience2678d ago

too much lol, around 8-900 for the setup in the picture. but it is worth it!

fatstarr2678d ago

i saw another article about this. its pretty dam awesome.

aaaaaaaaa2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

My setup stands me at £1100 at the moment. The only problem i've had with eyefinity is in setting up bezel correction.
Some driving game allow you to setup bezel correction but for me the ATI drivers do'nt so for most games you end up with the graphics not lining up from one screen to the other most noticeable is the center and right screen in the article.

mortalrage2675d ago

I have my center monitor farthest back and stack my left and right monitors bezels on top of center monitor. I haven't had any problems with bezel correction. I was able to get 25" hannspree monitors for 179' a piece and my 5870 videocard was 375.00 when it was released. It was worth the investment imo. Especially if you play MMO's (WOW,Aion, and now Rift)or play race games(Dirt2). :)