Internet Explorer 9: Eight Reasons to Upgrade

IBE: Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) recently with the proclamation that "Fast is now beautiful." Perhaps you are on the verge of upgrading but have lingering doubts about the enhancements that IE9 offers over prior versions of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

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Speed-Racer2678d ago

1) The most secure IE ever - but how does that stand compared to Firefox or Chrome?

7) Fairly compliant - They linked to a post that stated it surpassed the others in HTML5... which is a bit more than fairly

Otherwise a decent points but I still believe IE has some way to go before they can be called one of the true big dogs.

zeal0us2677d ago

Chrome is the most secure, Hackers in pwn2own contest couldn't even hack it. I think IE9 will get broken before Chrome

Some of the reason/features should of been added a long time ago, it seem like M$ is playing catch in some places

BubbleSniper2677d ago

lol... from my experience FF and Chrome are both more web compliant than IE.

less ram hogs, less vulnerabilities and if so? they get patched quickly.

1 reason NOT to upgrade? Chrome.

bonus reason would be FF. lol

fatstarr2678d ago

nice article
but other browsers which have been on the market for ages have all the features except hardware acceleration and pinned sites.
not worth enough to just switch to cold turkey.

darkdoom30002677d ago

and 2 reasons not to

1) Firefox 4

2) Chrome

BubbleSniper2677d ago

didn't see your post. haha

dkgshiz2677d ago

With Firefox 4 and Chrome 10 out now. Why is IE even still around?