Nintendo Wii 2: specs and features wishlist

Pocket-Lint: If the internet rumourmill is to be believed, we could be seeing the Nintendo Wii 2 as early as June 2011 at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. While the Wii led the way in motion-controlled gaming it has been rather outshined lately by Sony's PlayStation Move and Microsoft's controller-free Xbox Kinect system. So, in that case, what would we like to see on the Nintendo Wii 2 to help it stand up to its rival consoles? Read on to find out.

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fatstarr2678d ago

"To put that into perspective, a quad-core chipset could put the Wii 2 in the same league as the Xbox 360 and its tri-core processor."

why would nintendo make a new system to be compared to a 5 years old console... if anything nintendo should go all out, hopefully they see that this generation is madness and needs to be updated.
hopefully once the wii 2 sells 20million units in 1 year sony and Microsoft will follow.

michass82677d ago

yeah, it is time to sell my Wii :) waiting for release LOL