Microsoft looking to 2015 for next-gen Xbox release?

ZDNet: "Directly on the heels of discovering an internal Microsoft video showing WGX’s vision for ubiquitous gaming across platforms (Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone et al), I have now stumbled upon an incredibly tiny-though-significant morsel from a designer Microsoft has brought on-board to collaborate with their IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) Design group to investigate future user experience scenarios and hardware for the Xbox circa 2015."

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fatstarr2678d ago

oh god -_- nintendo sony and Microsoft wont budge its up to you

michass82678d ago

I though we will get it way quicker, like 2013 or even 2012... lol with this technology speed at the end of next year the smartphones will be more powerful than todays consoles LOL

Captain Tuttle2678d ago

This could be a new version of Kinect. I'm betting an xbox 720 by 2012

zeal0us2678d ago

2012 we won't have to worry bout a next-gen console bc we will all be gone...but seriously they don't really need to release a new console just yet.

When M$ do release a console it need to go with blu-ray or some other disc format that provides more space than dvd, getting kinda of tire of multiple disc on some games...

Wikkid6662669d ago

How many multi discs games do you have? I have 30+ games and none are mutli discs.