Apple Sues Amazon Over "App Store"

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Amazon, after they used the “App Store” trademark. The cupertino company filed the lawsuit on 18th March in California.

Since January, Amazon has been using the term “App Store” for their newly launched developer portal.

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odyxb2675d ago

Apple, good things wow

fatstarr2675d ago

lol so competition in the world on apples side for once.

Sahil2674d ago

Apple is doing some extraordinary things that nobody even thought of 5-6 years back!

Jikla2674d ago

the pc pad was presented by bill gates back in 2002. And Apple simply copied it in 2010...

RememberThe3572674d ago

Dude apple takes what has already been done and makes it cool. Thats how they make money. It's not be being original at all.

astar1234567892674d ago

companies like to copy apple, ipods, ipads, iphones, app store, itunes, when you have somthing that is a game changer it happen right or wrong.

fatstarr2674d ago

Apple copies off of companies too if it weren't for napster music annd dogital distribution wouldn't. Be like how. It is currently

astar1234567892674d ago

that is very true but when apple puts there hands on it they make it better, they changes the way people get there music use there phone or even there computer

Sahil2674d ago

True, they also stole some ideas but they had their own way of presenting and people liked it. Everyone gets inspired in some way or the other but the point is to present it in your own way.

fatstarr2674d ago

* srry for the bad grammar. i typed this from my phone.

Sahil2674d ago

Thank god, you told us.. I was wondering what the hell is "DOGITAL" lol

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jjank112674d ago

awww poor apple........this is ridiculous and there explanation that "it will confuse consumers" goes to show that apple thinks the average consumer is stupid.

It is called Amazon Appstore for Android whereas Apple has an App Store. How is that even remotely confusing? They are for completely different operating systems?

Thats almost offensive to think that someone would get that confused

zeal0us2674d ago

on the market place is called " Appstore" not "Amazon Appstore"

Sometimes I think companies just go looking for something to sue about

Didn't try apple try to get the nickname(the big apple) of new york city renamed once

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