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The Ultimate Graphics Card Round-up: Spring 2011

InsideHW gathered together a large number of video cards, broke them into four different price ranges and went benchmark crazy. For this particular round up they were more concerned about GPU power as opposed to contrasting the different features that AMD and NVIDIA have incorporated into their cards. As well, instead of complicating their results with multi card setups, they focused on how the cards compared when used singly.

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fatstarr2681d ago

its so tempting to upgrade now

sourav932680d ago

I've been a console gamer all my life but I want to build my first gaming PC. I am going to use a Phenom II X6 1100T CPU with an MSI motherboard. I'm just confused on which video card to get. I am stuck between a 1GB Palit Sonic Platinum GTX 460 (OC'd) and a GTX 560 Ti 1GB. Any suggestions will really help. Thanks.

toaster2680d ago

What is your budget? If that is not an issue then definitely get the 560. It's faster than the 460.

I would also suggest not getting a hexa-core CPU for gaming. THey actually perform worse than the quad cores because games are not optimized to run on 6 cores. You can save a bit of cash.

sourav932680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Well my budget is between £800 to £900. Both the gtx 560 ti and the sonic plat gtx 460 OC'd cost around £160. So although games are not optimised for 6 cores, would it actually affect gameplay in a negative way? The quad core phenom and the hexa core have similar prices (around £30 difference). I was thinking that if I go with the hexa core, then it would make my pc "future proof" and so I would use the system for a long time without much upgrading. What do you reckon?

Edit: The gtx 460 I'm thinking of getting is this one:

Just thought if you wanted to see the specs.

toaster2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

In some situations the hexas actually hinder performance in games.

I would advise NOT to get a 6 core. AMD's Bulldozer is just around the corner. What I would do is get a medium-priced CPU like the 965, and spend big on the motherboard. This is why:

Get a motherboard with this chipset combo and you will be able to upgrade to Bulldozer later this year.

I would also advise NOT to get Palit...

Get ASUS, MSI, or Gigabyte if you can.

Also, if you want you can head over to the N4G forums. There is a thread for PC building and myself and others will gladly help you out.

sourav932680d ago

Thanks a lot for your help. I will now definitely reconsider my components before starting the building process. Cheers.

fatstarr2680d ago

wait 7 months to do your build the pc industry is about to change. thus everything you are going to get now will be way cheaper.

zootang2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Ps3 fanboy having played with most consoles over the last 20 years. I have decided to build a small gaming rig. What you think?

Phenom X2 555be 3.2 Ghz (hopefully unlock the other 2 cores)
Asus M4A78LT-M
4Gb (2x 2Gb) of DDR3 ram (not too sure which yet)

Any good?

toaster2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Pretty solid. It'll get the job done for pretty much every game out there. The 460 is still one of the best price/performance cards on the market right now.

GodGinrai2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

i bought the msi gtx560 ti from overclockers. it has this software onboard called afterburner wich is supposed make oc`ing the card easier..never tried cuz i dont use it for gaming..but i will say the card is quiete. If you are in the uk i would also recommend checking OC out....

i built my pc with these guys...very helpful bunch too.

edit: dunno about the AMD chipset though...actually ignore that..maybe deep down im an intel fanboy :)

toaster2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Afterburner is a good program for OCing. I use it myself on my MSI card but it can be used with pretty much any card from every manufacturer. You should definitely OC your card. If you need help, swing by the N4G forums. There is a PC section so you can make a thread and we will help you out there.

When it comes to CPUs I really have no preference, I just get what I can for the budget. I've had both Intel and AMD systems.

zootang2680d ago

Thank you very much for the advice!