ChromeCookiesView lets you manage Browser Cookies easily

Google ChromeCookiesView is a new application that lets manage Cookies on your browser, you may think that since there is a standard Cookie manager on browser why a CookiesView?. This new application displays the list of all cookies stored on Browser and lets you easily delete unwanted Cookies.

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techprezz2675d ago

DO anyone think that Chrome could defeat Firefox?

toaster2674d ago

ROFL. The reports don't really make a difference do they..

Speed-Racer2674d ago

Meh, the guy keeps fixing them even though they are not. I've PMed him in the hope that he would understand.

fatstarr2675d ago

chrome could never defeat ff because ff has the power of addons.

michass82675d ago

well I'm happy with Chrome, this browser have great extensions and speed LOL

techprezz2675d ago

Yes, Chrome is faster than Firefox and also consuming less RAM than FF. But Honestly say FF is the most Stable Browser on the Planet!! FF is almost crash free where as Chrome suffering from a lot of crash problems.

Speed-Racer2675d ago

Actually Firefox crashes more than Chrome.

fatstarr2675d ago

ff crashes because of the addons though and java script a majority of the time.

theonlylolking2674d ago

My PC crashes a whole lot with FF. With chrome I have yet to crash.

michass82675d ago

I still finding Chrome as the best browser out there lol

whitesoxfalife2673d ago


KingPin2673d ago

im a huge fan of opera browser. iv never had a problem with its speed or reliability. been working fine for me or years. FF is ok, use it now and then. same with chrome. however IE to me just sucks.

P.S - does anyone have a link to the offline installer for chrome. or a way to get the offline installer.