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IGN: Nintendo 3DS Review

IGN: The Nintendo 3DS is not just another handheld, it's the first iteration of a brand new game platform and the first gaming device to utilize glasses-free 3D technology. But can the 3DS live up to the hype, overcome the limitations of glasses-free 3D, and produce a compelling new gameplay experience worthy of its $250 MSRP?

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fatstarr2675d ago

Decent review from IGN, I am still going to buy it the biggest peeves are the battery life and the 3D and im not buying the system for the 3D

TheColbertinator2675d ago

The battery life was so much shorter than I expected.I was expecting around 8 hours but 4-5 is not enough for my RPG needs.

Also Nintendo is truly failing to provide a faster Wi-Fi set-up which is really disappointing considering phone these days have taken Wi-Fi to the next level.

fatstarr2674d ago

yea nintendo and wifi dont mix...

the battery could be better but the system is doing so much at once its like a smartphone. hopefully by turning off the needless crap and not playing in 3D will give me some juice.

TheColbertinator2674d ago

The 3D eats the most juice from what I hear.I dont plan to use it often,fatstarr.

michass82674d ago

The battery life isn't great at all.