Mosaid sues ASUS, Dell, RIM, more; 'all' owe Wi-Fi royalties

Electronista: Mosaid late Wednesday sued as many technology firms as possible in hopes of profiting off the success of Wi-Fi. The Ottawa-based company's complaint targeted major device makers such as ASUS, Canon, Dell, Intel, and RIM as well as those building chipsets, such as Atheros and Marvell, for allegedly infringing six patents covering Wi-Fi, including network finding and the orthogonal multiplexing used for the faster speeds in the newer 802.11n spec. CEO John Lindgren insisted that "all" devices using Wi-Fi were dependent on the patents and had to pay royalties.

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fatstarr2682d ago

dam just another case of people trying to get money

toaster2680d ago

Patent troll is a patent troll. I can see the future: Mosaid will lose :3