Speed Up Firefox: Tweaks and Tips To Make Firefox 50X Faster

Learn how to make Mozilla Firefox faster than it currently is.

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fatstarr2201d ago

stickied... lol my Firefox takes 5mins to start I have never upgraded it and I have like 17 ad dons and 80+ tabs it would give an i7 trouble

kytro3602200d ago

Thanks, much appreciated :)

fatstarr2200d ago

no problem, if you have more articles like this post em.

xino2201d ago

just get Chrome man!

lol...way faster than Firefox.
and it doesn't slow down when you open about 8 tabs nor eat up your Ram.

kytro3602200d ago

Eh Ive tried Chrome but I like Firefox more because of its wide array of Addons.

Thecraft19892200d ago

If IDM worked properly with chrome I would be all for chrome.

outwar60102201d ago

heres one simple way of making it faster use chrome

kytro3602200d ago

Nah I will stick to Firefox, or at least for now