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Toshiba 10.1 Android Tablet gets detailed on

yet another Android Tablet, Toshiba’s new 10.1 Android tablet has been spotted at Amazon, the device was first unveiled at CES 2011 back in January. Amazon hasn’t provided any details about its price and date of availability.

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techprezz2559d ago

Even Toshiba?? Is there any good hope on it ? I really dont know.

fatstarr2559d ago

NOOOO I had hard drives and laptops and mp3's by this company -_- they break, bsod, fail etc i hate this company in certain products.

michass82559d ago

And another tablet device, this is great, if the will be more competition on this market, hopefully the prices will drop as well LOL

techprezz2559d ago

Hows the performance of Toshiba Tablets?

fatstarr2559d ago

tablet prices will not drop till the end of the year when theirs 55 on the market all with the same specs just different brand name.

michass82559d ago

Agree, it is not a year for buying, plus they not offer much more than smartphones lol

techprezz2559d ago

If so, then is any promising Tablets coming ?

fatstarr2559d ago

I dont see any promising tablets. everything looks the same with similar stats running the same Os.

michass82558d ago

Agree, nothing promising out there and everything overpriced...

fatstarr2558d ago

this market trend needs to stop.

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