3 Games To Play When You "Drop A Policy"

No one can lie, we all play games when we "Drop A Policy". I like video games but i dont always have the time to and to be honest my key playing time is on the bowl. Here are my go to games when dropping a policy.

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fatstarr2681d ago

For Me its Pokemon or any rpgs lol I always have a NDS OR PSP on me.

DroidSmarts2681d ago

its all about pokemon red i dont play those new ones the pokemon are lame

fatstarr2681d ago

I had that same mind set until I picked up Black version.
it is awesome its like Red Blue yellow all over again.

try it b4 you knock it.

DroidSmarts2681d ago

yea i got a R4 card so ill give it a try

fatstarr2681d ago

there are some things you have to do to get some of the pokemon roms running.
I bought the game so i dont have to go through the hassle

michass82681d ago

Angry Birds for me or Robo Defense LOL