The New York Times set to charge for online content

The New York Times is set to charge users of its website to read the news. Users will get the opportunity to read 20 articles for free per month but must pay once they exceed that limit.

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michass82501d ago

Well, if there is more people reading online versions than the paper one, it is not a big surprise at all, that they introducing charges for this kind of services... lol

fatstarr2501d ago

Soon people will be pirating this?

technologymob2501d ago

I doubt it, the chances are it will be covered on another website... That's why I think this is destined to fail.

fatstarr2501d ago

yea when I think news I think free unless they have exclusives everyday and threaten to sue websites for stealing.

michass82501d ago

Like everything else LOL movies, software, music, the same thing will happen with news if companies will start charging for content... they should find other way to make their money like adds or something...

fatstarr2501d ago

the ad market is going to die out soon... that platform for making money is slowly dieing.

technologymob2501d ago

It's really not going to pirated as as soon as a main news network covers a story a million blogs cover it too!

michass82500d ago

hopefully they won't start charging us LOL

Speed-Racer2500d ago

I dont think the ad model on the whole is dying but the ones to survive are the content relevant models. A site like NYT cant make much money cause their content is so spread out. Take Huffpost vs Mashable. Mashable made about 560,000 bucks in revenue in 2009 with just 30-40 posts a day on tech, split among a few staff members..while huffpost has so many writers and so much daily content making 2.3 million. overall a niche site makes more sense, because you get targeted ads to the relevant audience.

fatstarr2500d ago

I wonder how techspy makes money