I wouldn’t trust Google’s social network

Sarah Kidner at Which? Conversation: With Google rumoured to be working on its own social network, soon there could be no aspect of your online activity that the search giant doesn’t own. Would you trust a social network from Google?

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fatstarr2205d ago

Yup Google probably has some form of data for 67% of the human population. Gift wrapping your self to them is exactly right.

techie2205d ago

Agree, is a dangerous game. Though I do like their philosophy more than Facebook's.

michass82205d ago

They know everything anyway so no big deal :) lol

fatstarr2205d ago

the big deal is that they can do some behind the scenes moves to sell off private information. google isnt that dirty but you never know.

michass82205d ago

LOL there is no such a thing like private information in todays world. You can Google everything and get informations about everyone... Just look at the social networking... LOL

fatstarr2205d ago

there is such a thing as private info.
the things you dont put on the internet and top top secret stuff= private information that even Google couldn't touch.

michass82205d ago

Of course there is, I am just being sarcastic LOL
but in my opinion most people don't realize the danger that social networking brings. All those pictures, comments, informations, etc.
You don't need to be spy to get tons of information about anyone out there... I could even say that if you are not in the internet, you not exist Lol

techie2204d ago

Sarcasm doesn't help :P They know everything, so it's a big deal!

michass82204d ago

exactly, so if you are smart, you are careful enough and not posting super secret stuff on your social networking services... I am just saying that if people will realize the danger of exposing personal data, they don't need to be too worry...

fatstarr2204d ago

People dont even know how the internet works.

you are giving too much credit they will not recognize the danger of exposing personal data because people dont know that your name birthday and state = personal data.