Valley Forge man's search engine offers Google alternative

The word Google has become synonymous with "search." A Valley Forge man is trying to change that with a startup search engine that offers strict privacy protections and, he claims, less spam.

In 2006, Gabriel Weinberg sold his first startup, NamesDatabase, for $10 million. On the hunt for his next venture, he started developing a half dozen projects to see which would stick, including a social networking site for golfers and an online talk show.

He built his current project, search engine DuckDuckGo, over a few weekends.

"It actually was just a side project,” Weinberg said. “I had been using Google like everyone else, and noticed there was a lot of spam creeping up in it."

Weinberg designed a search engine that aggressively blocks ad-packed results and taps into existing search networks to provide more no-click, instant answers for queries including definitions and math problems.

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fatstarr2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Its already too late for that. Google is pretty much washed into our minds.

But good luck to this guy. Duck Duck Go might catch on like how facebook did.

Im gonna test it out from time to time

'We don't track you!' < lol

michass82677d ago

well, bit slower than the monopolist but still another alternative, but I think will stay with Google LOL

KingPin2677d ago

lol erm, explain to me why i would wanna use this when i had an alternative for years called yahoo, and even that failed to stop me from using google.

good luck mate, a bit late to the party. unless your seach engine revolutionize internet search, it wont take off.