iPad 2 : manufactured for 336$ only

According to website isupply, total cost for making an iPad 2 is only 336 US dollars.

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michass82681d ago

great margin they have on this product... and people still buying it. At the moment there are some shortages, UK premiere might be delayed... LOL

fatstarr2681d ago

WOW.... there should be some laws against this. that's a 400$ profit...

michass82681d ago

Way too much, but say that to all those people standing in the queue LOL

Venatus-Deus2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

You have to also factor shipping costs, insurance, R&D and retailers cut. Etc, etc

It also doesn't factor in paying other staff like lawyers, accounts or anybody not involved directly in Manufacturing.

At least have some concept of business before commenting.

Jihaad_cpt2680d ago

what R&D it's just an ipone but bigger, you cannot factor in R&D when there is no R&D. They can sell it for a million dollars if they want people should vote with their money and not purchase if they feel it's to expensive

Sangheili852680d ago

people are funny, where i work there was atleast 20 people waiting out front and out of that at least half had ipads in hand.... cattle to the farmer..

outwar60102680d ago

wish people would wise up and start buying netbooks instead of giving into the cult that is apple

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