IE9′s anti-tracking tool flawed – Microsoft should try harder

Which? Convo: Our tests of IE9′s new anti-tracking tool found a fundamental flaw – download multiple lists and things you want blocked could actually be allowed. Does that sound right to you? Because it doesn’t to us…

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fatstarr2499d ago

It still got downloaded like it was a free triple A game

techie2499d ago

Well, what do you expect - IE is still the biggest browser. Doesn't mean it still didn't have a fatal flaw.

fatstarr2499d ago

I dont get it from all the number crunching and pie charts and graphs other browser developers would lead you to believe that IE lost their market share. but I guess that's not the case anymore.

techie2499d ago

It's losing it pretty quickly... I've yet to try out IE9 yet. Any good?

fatstarr2498d ago

I dont know I am kinda scared to test it out. I had stability issues with IE7 or IE8 that came packaged with windows 7.

techie2498d ago

Oh, thought you were a Microsoft fan. I may try it out, but Chrome fan for now.

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