Which tablet should I buy?

Pocket-Lint: Since CES 2011, there are officially a lot of tablets out there and now that the Apple iPad 2 has hit as well, anyone asking themselves "which tablet should I buy?" has plenty of thinking to do.

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fatstarr2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Im gonna say none for now. seeing as a new tablet comes out every other day... unless you get something branded apple finding the accessories for it in a physical store is gonna be near impossible.

its crazy how you make a new market one day and then its completely crowded the next. when 99$ tablets come out i will take my stab in the market.

michass82683d ago

In fact all devices on the market are overpriced at this point. I would give them another year or two, then you will get powerful devices in a good price, cos at the moment tablets are nothing more than bigger smartphones... LOL