Your future car and what you can expect inside it

Pocket-Lint: You’re probably sick of hearing that “technology is changing the car” but is it ever going to reach a stage that means it’s more than just a USB port in the dash? Given history (let’s not forget that as recently as 1970, people thought we’d all be "driving" flying cars by now), we’d forgive you for being sceptical about just how futuristic the car might be getting anytime soon.

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michass82684d ago

so the steering wheel will be always with us LOL

fatstarr2684d ago

this looks like 30 years of car advancement at the current pace we are at.

michass82683d ago

will there be any petrol at that point, this car probably will be electric, that means the acceleration might be great LOL

fatstarr2683d ago

yea gas will be around for a while man.